Wine Bottle Stopper

Material: ABS + Silicone rubber
Color: Green / Transparent
With Vacuum Air Valve
Size: 6.8×3.8×3.8CM


Reusable Vacuum Wine Stopper Using With Pump For Leftover Wine Storage 

1. Keep half-finished bottles of wine and open bottles of oil and vinegar from spoiling before they can be finished.
2. This stopper is for use with a handheld vacuum sealer that has an accessory port and keeps opened bottles fresh three to five times longer than other storage methods.
3. Freshness is sealed in and flavor is preserved until it is convenient to open the bottle again.
4. This is an economical investment as it ensures that all purchased bottled food gets eaten and that there are hardly any throw-aways due to spoilage.
5. This bottle stopper is reusable and easy to clean and fit most standard bottle sizes.