#0282 Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum Sealer

Material: ABS
Size: 22x6x8.2CM
Color: White, OEM
Suction power: >8L/Minute
Max vacuum pressure: -62.5KPA
Power driver: Battery/ DC adapter
Battery: 6x AA


Mini Handheld Automatic Stop Vacuum Sealer Machine #0282

1. One touch operation, vacuums airtight by pressing one button;
2. Smart auto-stop function, automatic stop when vacuum sealing finished;
3. Powered by battery or AC adapter, two options as your convinient;
4. ABS material, impact, heat, abrasion, low temperature resistance, and easy maintain;
5. Super vacuum power, with maximum vacuum pressure 62.5KPA, suction power 8L/Minute, which ensures it can be 8-12 seconds to seal;
6. Mini size, very convenient to take along, particularly suitable for food preservation during travel or outdoor activities;
7. Wide Application, ideal for reusable vacuum bags(sous vide bag),vacuum container, vacuum jar, vacuum universal lid, wine bottle stopper;
8. Efficient & Multifunction, not only for solid and semi-solid food freezer storage such as fresh meat, fruits, vegetables, nuts and snacks vacuuming and sealing, also water-proof for letters, magazines, travel license, money etc., and many other household items storage which is prevented from dust and humidity.

Using  steps:
1. Put the food(or the stuff which need to be vacuum packed) into the vacuum sealing bags, which is reusable for more than 30-50 times;
2.  Pull the zipper;
3.  Place the Bag flat on the counter making sure there is no food above the Maximum Fill Line or under the Air Valve;
4.  Press Vacuum Sealer Tip flat against the Air Valve;
5.  Press the button to remove air from bag, it will automatic stop working when the vacuum finished, or you can press button one more time when the bag becomes tight as you want.
(** Similar operation for vacuum container, vacuum jar, vacuum universal lid, wine bottle stopper**)

Application with vacuum bags/containers/jars/lids:
1. Keep food fresh 3-5 times longer than traditional storage methods
2. Save money by buying in bulk and pre-packaging individual servings
3. Reseal open bags of cooked foods, dry foods and other foods
4. Protect against freezer burn, spoilage and odor
5. Protect cherished photos and valuable documents
6. Keep charts, maps and matches safe and dry when boating or camping
7. Seal baseball cards and stamps
8. Wrap cosmetics for travel to protect against spills
9. Prevent silver and jewelry from tarnishing
10. Reusable vacuum bag is also ideal for sous vide cooking