Food Vacuum Container

Material: PE/PA,BPA free
Color: Transparent
Vacuum Air Valve
Certificates: FDA,LFGB,DGCCRF


BPA Free Vacuum Sealing Container For Home Food Preservation Storage 

Φ13.2cm x H8.3cm 600ML
Φ13.2cm x H12.3cm 1000ML

L18.5 × W16.5 × H6.2 cm 1000ML
L21.5 × W13.8 × H7.7 cm 1300ML
L25 × W16.5 × H6.2 cm 1500ML
L25 × W16.5 × H10 cm 2600M

1. Perfect for storing meat, fish, poultry, soup, fruit, veg, bread, cheese, and many other foodstuffs.
2. Keeps all Edibles Fresh For Longer, Extends freshness of foods at least 5 times longer.
3. Prevent food from oxidizing, keep the original flavor of the food for a period of time.
4. Non-toxic, Eco-friendly.LFGB & 2007/19/EC & FDA approval.
5. Waterproof, keep interior dry, prevents spoilage & decay.
6. 100% airtight and leak proof, avoid freezer burn & odor.
7. Microwavable and dishwasher suitable.
8. High strength, high quality, hard to break & Re-usable.
9. Storage temperature: – 20°C to 120°C.

Easy to use:
1. Put the foodstuff into the container
2. Close the zipper or cover
3. Use the sealer to the valve to suck the air out from the container
4. Open the air valve before open the cover, get the foodstuff out.