#8769 Auto Soap Dispenser

Auto Soap Dispenser

Material: ABS+PET
Color: White
Capacity: 450ml
Power: 4 x AA batteries
Working time: 1000times
Infrared sensing: Foaming / Spray
Feature: 2gears adjustable
Control: Touch switch
Size: 212*93*101mm


Smart Electric Automatic Liquid Gel Foaming Spray Soap Dispenser Bottle

– Main material: ABS+PET
– Volume:450ml
– Rated voltage:4V
– Battery type: 4 x AA batteries (not included)
– Operating temperature: 5 – 40 ºC
– Working humidity: 0% – 85% RH
– Infrared sensing: spray, foaming, gel
– Energy saving: 1000times by battery power

Smart touch-button operation:

Status Indicator Light Display
Power on The ice blue light is on for 1s
Mode one Ice blue light, motor speed time is 1s, multi-bubble mode
Mode two Green light, motor speed time is 0.7s, low-bubble mode
Power off The red light is on for 0.5s
Low battery The red light is on when induction

*Tips: when the soap dispenser does not work, it will automatically enter the standby state without manual shutdown.

Usage Methods
1. Touch the power switch to turn on the soap dispenser, with two modes.
2. Firstly touch the power switch, the ice blue light is on into the multi-bubble mode; secondly touch, the green light is on into the low-bubble mode.
3. It is recommended to rinse your hands until wet.
4. Stretch your hand to the induction area to obtain the abundant bubble.
5. It is recommended to rub your hands thoroughly.
6. After washing with clean water, dry your hands.