#0419 Auto Soap Dispenser

Auto Soap Dispenser

Material: ABS+PP
Size: 230x100x230mm
Capacity: 1300ml for gel/foam
900ml for spray
Power supply: batteries/DC adapter
Battery: 4 x AA battery
Input voltage: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Induction distance: about 9cm


NEW Automatic Liquid Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Sensor Soap Dispenser

Infrared sensing: spray, soap/gel, foam
Dual power mode: batteries / DC driver
Energy saving: 14000times by battery power

Quantitative effluent:
Gel/Foam dispenser volume (Capacity 1300ml+):
0.5-0.7ml for 1st gear, 0.7-0.9ml for 2nd gear, 0.9-1.1ml for 3rd gear, 1.1-1.3ml for 4th gear;
Spray dispenser volume (Capacity 700ml+):
0.5-0.8ml for 1st gear, 1.0-1.4ml for 2nd gear, 1.3-1.7ml for 3rd gear, 1.8-2.2ml for 4th gear.

1. Intelligent induction system, infrared induction, fully automatic touchless operation, effectively output within 0.5second;
2.1300ML large capacity, less replacement, save effort and effort;
3. The liquid discharge position can be adjusted, the body is ultra-thin, can be placed or wall-mounted;
4. The liquid from the machine’s compression pump has low noise;
5. Dual battery power supply, 4 AA battery for 14000times.