#0907B Sterilizer Generator

Material: ABS+PC
Color: White
Capacity: 350ml
Battery capacity: 1200mAh
Operate time: 5minutes


350mL Portable Electrolysis Sodium Hypochlorite Generator Bottle

Material: ABS+PC
Size: 86mm(Dia) x 281mm(H)
Operate Time: 5 minutes
Capacity: 350ml
Supply Voltage: DC5V 2A
Battery capacity: 1200mAh
Hypochlorite rate: 200ppm
Work without salt: available

1. Generation sodium hypochlorite disinfectant by Electrolyzation. It electrolyze water and salt to generate sodium hypochlorite NaClO. If not add salt, it will produce hypochlorous acid HClO. Hypochlorite rate up to 200ppm.
2. Sterilization rate 99.99%. It can sterilize germs, mildew, viruses effectively and prevent from the hepatitis, influenza and other diseases. It can degrade many kinds of harmful chemicals like pesticides residues on vegetables and fruits.
3. Homemade disinfectant water. Directly use edible salt and water as raw materials, which is more safe and convenient. Eco-friendly, and non residue, non pollution, harmless, not pungent, not hurt the skin.
4. The working principle is electrolysis with built-in 1200mAh battery at the base. The base is installed with electronic circuit and control system of microcomputer and PLC.
5. One-key to turn on the disinfectant water generation mode and it will automatically stop after 5 minutes. Clean as effective as conventional cleaners, disinfect as effective as bleach.
6. Sodium Hypochlorite Disinfectant widely used in many fields to achieve the effect of sterilization, disinfection, algae removal and deodorization.

How to use:
1. Take a flat spoon (3g) of table salt with a salt spoon and put it in the bottle. (Without salt is also available.)
2. Add fresh water to the bottle to the highest water level in the bottle, shake the bottle to dissolve the salt completely in the water.
3. Press the power button in the middle of the base and the buzzer will sound once. At this time, the three-color lights of the base can be observed to change, and bubbles appear in the bottle, indicating that the machine is working normally.
4. After 5 minutes of working time, the machine will automatically stop working. At this time, the buzzer will sound three times, indicating that the disinfectant preparation is completed.
5. After emptying the disinfectant in the bottle, rinse it with clean water and dry it.